Sensitive Data in Ecology

Meeting 8 of the Sensitive Data Community of Practice

The Sensitive Data CoP provides an opportunity for anyone interested to discuss the challenges and strategies for managing this type of data.

For further information, see the Sensitive Data community document.

Presentation: Good practices for sharing ecological data

Presented by: Glenda Wardle and Ayesha Tulloch

Sharing ecological data provides many benefits such as increasing our knowledge of biodiversity, encouraging repeatable and trusted science and engaging the public in observing nature. However, some data are considered sensitive because their release may increase poaching or other harm of threatened species. We provide examples of common practice in publishing sensitive ecological data and illustrate best practice in releasing ecological data with a balanced decision support tool. We conclude with some ideas about emerging types of sensitive data in ecology and where responsibility lies for ensuring data are published responsibly.

As a community we will discuss which approaches and lessons can be shared between disciplines whose sensitive data challenges have shared features - for instance, those who work with different types of sensitive geospatial data.

Who would benefit from attending

For those in the Research, Government or Medical community who work with sensitive data, and wish to better manage, store, analyse and collaborate on that data safely.

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