What is a research data commons?

It’s bigger than us…

A research data commons brings together people, skills, data, and related resources such as storage, compute, software, and models to enable researchers to conduct world class data-intensive research.

This commons will be a transformational change in the research data ecosystem, increasing the coherence and interoperability of existing investments and the effectiveness and efficiency of the system for researchers.

We’re here to help create one for Australia

And you are essential in making this happen.

That’s why in 2018 we asked over 400 people from our partners, collaborators, thought leaders and the research community to provide input into our strategy.

What we do

We work with our stakeholders to deliver a successful research data commons that provides the research community and industry access to nationally significant, state of the art data intensive infrastructure, platforms, skills and collections of high quality. Our five strategic themes will support the development of a nationally coordinated resource for Australian researchers.

  • Coordination and coherence: Facilitating an Australian research data commons.
  • People and policy: Transforming culture and community.
  • Data and services: Maximising the value of Australia’s data assets.
  • Software and platforms: Enabling research insights and supporting collaboration.
  • Storage and compute: Providing foundation infrastructure.

Our vision is to transform digital infrastructure to support leading edge research and innovation.

Our Mission

The ARDC is a transformational, sector-wide initiative, working with sector, government, and industry partners to build a coherent national and collaborative research data commons. This will deliver a world-leading data advantage, facilitate innovation, foster collaboration and enhance research translation.

Creating Australia’s research data commons involves us all.

Read about our five year strategic plan [PDF 830KB] and download our strategy brochure [PDF 2MB].