The value of research data

Data is one of the most important and vital aspects of any research study and its economic value is becoming increasingly apparent. Data has value because users value what they could do with it now and what they might be able to do with it in the future. As this value increases, so does the need to optimise how we manage, store and share data.

You can read more about the value of research data or find out what tools are available to ensure you’re maximising the way you use data in your research below.

Utilising complex data assets with the right software

The effective use of continuously growing and increasing complex data assets brings an associated need for reliable and trustworthy software to deal with the volume and complexity. Data assets need robustness, reliability, and accessibility. Similarly, software and process assets need provenance, reliability, support, accessibility and transparency. Also, software needs to be recognised as a first class research output in the same way that data is now.

Read more about open, citable and sustainable software below, as well as:
– access best practice guides and learning materials
– find out how to ensure your research software is citable and reusable
– learn about international initiatives aiming to raise the profile of software as a first class research output.

Access presentations, webinar content and more

We are always happy to share any presentations, recordings from talks or webinars, workshops and other collateral for public use.

If you would like to request a copy of a presentation that is not currently available here, please email us.

A place for information exchange, best practice, problem solving and peer support.

By building communities of practice that support those working in, or interested in, research data, we provide a place for information exchange, best practice, problem solving and peer support.

You can find out more about each community below, and register (where provided) to stay informed on latest news, upcoming webinars and discussions.

Our best practice guides, all in one place

We have a collection of best practice guides for researchers, librarians and eResearch professionals. The topics covered within our guides range from ethics and sensitive data to managing data; from research data policy and licences to training and teaching research data management skills and more.

We are currently in the process of auditing our guides to migrate across to our new website and will continuously be adding to this page.

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