A platform for information exchange, best practice, problem solving and peer support.

By building communities of practice that support those working in, or interested in, research data, we provide a platform for information exchange, best practice, problem solving and peer support.

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Our communities

Australian Data Quality Interest Group

This Australian Data Quality Interest Group provides a forum for Australian data providers, repository operators and data consumers to discuss challenges and strategies for meeting data quality standards and procedures. The group will also serve as a connection to international data quality communities for exchanging experiences and best practices.

The Group is facilitated by Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and open to anyone interested in data quality.

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Australian Research Containers Orchestration Service (ARCOS)

ARCOS seeks to emulate the transformational impact of the ARDC (OpenStack) Core Services competency by establishing a Kubernetes/Containers Orchestration Service. The ARDC in conjunction with the national community are developing the requirements of ARCOS. The ARCOS Working Group meets virtually once a month. If you are based in Australia and interested in or actively working on solutions in this space, we strongly encourage you to be a part of the community.

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Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group (AVSIG)

The Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group provides a forum for discussion and activity in the use and creation of controlled vocabularies in research, data, information and collection management.

The AVSIG meets quarterly: march, June, September, december on the first thursday of that month, at 11am Canberra time. Notifications of meetings are in the ARDC calendar.

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Data Librarians community

We provide a range of events and resources aimed at building community connections, skills, and knowledge within the data librarian community, including through 23 (research data) Things self-learning.

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Data Management Plans Interest Group

The Data Management Plans (DMPs) Interest Group meets online via Zoom. The Group is facilitated by ARDC and open to anybody interested in DMPs, DMP tools and their effectiveness. The Group provides a forum for discussion about local DMP tools and approaches as well as international developments.

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Geospatial Capabilities Community of Practice

The intent of the Geospatial Capabilities Community of Practice is to bring together as a community people who, in some capacity, work with geospatial data and make it available for broader use.  The group is intended as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences with finding, accessing, transforming, using and making available geospatial data.

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Identifiers for Instruments in Australia CoP (i4iOz)

There is a growing need to uniquely identify instruments in many research communities. Join us to work together to work towards identifiers for instruments in Australia.
Meets on the Second Thursday of every month.

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Research data roundtables

ARDC works with a community of eResearch and research data management support staff within research and research infrastructure organisations to support data-related competency and capability building. We regularly hold state-based roundtables related to research data management in a number of the capital cities. For more information see the roundtables in VIC/TASNSWSAACTWAQLD

Research Software Engineer Australia – New Zealand community

A group building a sustainable community that benefits research software engineers, and ultimately contributes to more efficient and reproducible research.

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RIF-CS Advisory Board (RAB)

The RIF-CS Advisory Board (RAB) was established to provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to influence changes to the RIF-CS schema.

RIF-CS is used:

  • to exchange metadata about research collections and related information
  • as the metadata standard for the ARDC Registry, to describe data collections in Research Data Australia.

Community expertise is vital to the development and improvement of the shared RIF-CS standard.

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Sensitive Data community

ARDC, AARNet and ADA are working together to support a community to discuss the challenges and strategies for managing sensitive data. The community is aimed at the ‘research supporters’ (e.g. infrastructure providers, librarians, policy writers and implementers) and will evolve in response to emerging community needs. We aim to gather every couple of months to hear expert speakers and enable community discussion.

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Tech Talks

The Tech Talks series, facilitated by ARDC, brings eResearch technical specialists together in a forum for sharing experience and expertise relating to specific technical topics and technologies. Talks are held every two months, and feature a variety of expert speakers, covering topics selected by a programme committee of representatives from the eResearch developers community. Join in to learn more about the technologies which underpin the latest developments in national eResearch.

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Trusted Data Repositories community

Publishers and funders are increasingly interested in data being deposited into certified Trusted Data Repositories. Therefore, ARDC facilitates a Community around organisations interested in seeking international trust certification for their repositories

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Inactive / archived groups

Are you looking for a Community of practice that used to exist?

Check our page of inactive / archived groups.

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