The value of research data

Data is one of the most important and vital aspects of any research study and its economic value is becoming increasingly apparent. Data has value because users value what they could do with it now and what they might be able to do with it in the future. As this value increases, so does the need to optimise how we manage, store and share data.

You can read more about the value of research data or find out what tools are available to ensure you're maximising the way you use data in your research below.

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Research data resources for self-guided training and trainers

Working with data doesn't have to be complex. This is why we're continuously adding to our repository of resources and guides, as well as providing events around skills and training to ensure you're equipped with the best services and tools to manage data.

Online training modules and workshop exercises for specific domains and disciplines.

Training materials and workshop programs which build on understanding and use of the concepts behind the FAIR data principles.

10 and 23 (research data) Things: self-guided training programs to use as is or re-purpose to make 'Things' work for your domain.

Training resources to borrow or print for use in your workshops.

Are you a data trainer? Adult learning principles, advertising and techniques for data skills training.

analysis tools

Research data teaching materials for the research community.

Technical online modules for data wrangling such as cleaning data, R, Tabula, APIs and OpenRefine.

Multi-day data and research skills training for all levels.

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