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ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud is Australia’s first federated research cloud. This service provides Australia’s research community with fast, interactive, self-service access to computing infrastructure, software, and data, and is a powerful platform for collaboration.

The Nectar Research Cloud’s self-service structure allows researchers to store, access, and analyse their own data at any time, create dedicated virtual servers on demand, and collaborate with others from their desktop in a fast and efficient way.

Over one million virtual machines have been spun up by more than 18,000 researchers from all of the main research institutions in Australia and across all categories of research (all 22 top-level Field of Research codes).

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Refreshing research cloud storage and compute infrastructure

The ARDC is refreshing cloud compute and storage infrastructure to maintain the capacity required to meet the demand for cloud resources from nationally prioritised research activities. We are requesting proposals from organisations currently providing resources into ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud, as well as other organisations with established capability in hosting significant ICT infrastructure,

for the supply and operation of new research cloud infrastructure as part of the ARDC’s Storage and Compute program.

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Members of the core services and user support teams

Supporting you and your cloud services

Our dedicated user support site (eHelp) is available to help all Australian researchers and those who support them, including research students, early career researchers, scientists from university, industry and commerce, research assistants, IT specialists, librarians, research computing managers.

eHelp offers sector leading chat and email support and extensive self service documentation. It provides users with:

  • immediate help for technical issues
  • proactive monitoring and health checks of virtual machines
  • specialised development and local cloud and storage training
  • extensive support articles and knowledge base
  • information on the latest OpenStack releases
  • access to local expertise and assistance on complex integration or workflows.

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